How Do I Look?


Through a series of short vignettes, Sennah Yee’s debut full-length book How Do I Look? paints a colourful portrait of a woman both raised and repelled by the media. With pithy, razor-sharp prose, Sennah dissects and reassembles pop culture through personal anecdotes, crafting a love-hate letter to the media and the microaggressions that have shaped how she sees herself and the world. How Do I Look? is a raw and vulnerable reflection on identities real and imagined

Excerpt: 'Everyone loves older men and even older cities. But women must be girls, and preferably girls from out of town. But I’ve lived here my whole life. And when you died, I fell asleep and dreamt of somewhere with no men and no time. I ate creatures from the sea with no silver and no company. I taught myself to drive, in a car with no roof and no brand. My hair was greying, knotting in the wind, but I did not reach out to brush it. I was alone, but I was not left behind.'